Lakeside Lodge and Conference centre at the Humber Valley Resort
Tablelands, Gros Morne Park, Western  Newfoundland
Sunset, Cordroy Valley, Western Newfoundland
Fir Tree, Humber Valley Resort

Tablelands, Gros Morn Park

Cordroy Valley



Rental of the Conference and Retreat Centre brings with it the use of Lakeside Lodge on the nights before, during and for the night on the final day of the conference.

Lakeside Lodge offers 1 king bed master suite and 4 queen bed suites. All suites are individually lockable and feature en-suite bathrooms and walk in closets.

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Also available from within our own inventory at The Lodges at Humber Valley are a further 23 individually lockable en-suite suites across 6 further lodges. These are a mixture of king, queen and twin single bed configurations. For further information about our other luxury lodges click here to transfer to our website

All our accommodation is rated 4½ star by Canada Select

Lakeside Lodge at Humber Valley Resort is Western Newfoundland's newest boutique meeting and events venue.